Donate Food

ReFresh Foods has the capabilities to safely pick up and store perishable and non-perishable food donations in our hybrid diesel/electric truck. Our goal is to provide those in need with a better range of healthier and fresher food.


You can hold your own food drive at your place of work, your building complex, your school or in your local community. ReFresh Foods will pick up the food donation and redistributed it to our member agencies to give out to their clients.

Call the ReFresh office to let us know of your food drive efforts and to schedule the pickup: 905.635.1106

Food Manufactures, Food Processors and Food Distributors

If you are a food manufacture or food supplier in the Halton region, you can donate your close to code, surplus, mislabelled, slightly damaged or discontinued perishable and non-perishable (including fresh & frozen) food items.

At ReFresh Foods we understand the importance of not only food safety but also brand protection. Our fast, free and dependable pick up service treats your donation with care and integrity. Our refrigerated truck delivers your donations to either our cold storage facility or non-perishable facility located in Burlington.

Food suppliers are protected by the Good Samaritan law (An Act Respecting the Donation of Food, Ontario 1994. To know more about this act, click here) by which donors who give food in good faith are absolved from any liability.

Benefits to your company are lower warehousing, logistics and food disposal costs, a convenient, dependable and a free way to deal with your quality surplus foods, community goodwill (food donations are distributed within Halton region) and you are being an environmentally and socially responsible business partner in the region.


ReFresh Foods would be happy to receive any locally farmed fruits and vegetables. Your donation fits directly into our goals of distributing fresh and healthier food to those in need.

Food retailers

If you are food retailer , grocery store, bakery or restaurant and would like to donate food please contact Food For Life at 905.510.5724